Das Haus Asia

Das Haus  Asia is a feature installation at IDFF2017. It is intended to be an installation that feature the true identity of a house in the place of the exhibition, in this case Hong Kong.

Hong Kong faces one of the toughest challenge to house its people. As land and construction prices soar, developers result to Nano dwelling, and 18m² seems to be setting a new record for the tiniest fully equipped "apartment", raising many eyebrows.

"18m²" is a living capsule with a floor area of 18m², and a height of 3.8m. Within this capsule, I equipe a model house with 2 bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom by creatively looking at the area not as a flat surface but as 3 dimensional space.

I hope that this installation with inspire a more creative solution to Hong Kong's housing problem.

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