On Reading Single Family House 1.5 : A Tale of Habitation in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan

This exhibition aims to open up discussion on this private domain to the public realm by first looking at land policy, ownership rights, economic pressure, individual incentive, and its subsequent architectural outcomes.

The possibility and opportunity to design single family house varies quite significantly in the three places because of their differences in their respective social, political and economic constructs. All single family houses selected in this exhibition has a specific client, and also the client is not the architect him/herself. We are not keen to show developer type villa where the potential and unknown user are yet to be found, even though these villa might have some architectural merits. Nor are we interested in the architect’s “monologue” on engaging in private discourse neither. The dialogue between the client and the architect gives uniqueness, purpose and identity for each design presented at this exhibition.

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