AO Group Overview

A partner with the solutions you need


Asia One Printing Ltd (AOP) is renowned for award-winning quality work. Whether the project is short-run or long-run, AOP offers clients solutions that are cost-effective, premium quality, and available around the clock. To complement offset printing, AOP also offers Hong Kong’s most advanced and extensive digital printing capabilities.

Output and Colour Management

The Group’s output and colour management specialists are Asia One Graphic Ltd (AOG). Boasting both G7 master printer qualification and a first-class output centre with 24-hour operation, AOG uses the latest output software and hardware technology (including computer-to-plate and digital workflow) to ensure that designs are reproduced exactly as clients want them.


Established in 2007, Asia One Product and Publishing (AOPP) is one of Hong Kong’s most prolific publishers on art and culture topics. AOPP strives to create and offer works that document Hong Kong’s artistic life and showcase its talented artists, photographers and designers. AOPP services and capabilities include editorial, design, colour management, ISBN applications, distribution and marketing.


Schneider Logistic Services Ltd is a leading practitioner of ‘one-stop logistics’. By integrating best practices with a first-class support infrastructure and the latest web-based technology, Schneider offers clients an extremely efficient and seamless ‘e-logistics’ proposition

AO: The Photo Book Center

Boasting thousands of rare and collectible art and photography books sourced from around the globe, AO: The Photo Book Center is a one-of-a-kind resource for artists, photographers and connoisseurs in Hong Kong. Books and other products from The Photo Book Center can be ordered online via